Business conditions


We perform the real estate sale based on closed mediatory agreement on the sale. Therefore it is necessary to address our office and to arrange sales conditions. At the mediatory agreement completion it is necessary to submit documents indicating that you are owner of given real estate, or that you are empowered to handle with the real estate (empowerment, commission, etc).

In the case of apartment sale it is acceptable to submit the documents of ownership, the apartment section plan draft along with dimensions. In the case of sale of other real estate it is furthermore necessary to submit a copy of cadastral map, acceptable are photos and section plans, Regional Planning Information in the case of parcels, or engineering network line drawing.

Mediatory agreement defines the sales conditions according to your determination, as well as provision conditions of our office. This agreement obliges you to pay a provision to our office only in the case of realization of the real estate sale to a client who was searched by our office.

Our estate agency prefers a closure of exclusive mediatory agreement in the case of a real estate sale. A prerogative for mediation of a sale rests in that only our office has authorization to deal with all persons who are interested in the purchase of your real estate. This prerogative is always terminable for a period which you will agree in the agreement. It also means that you as a person interested will not take any steps which would lead to a violation to this prerogative.

An advantage of the prerogative for mediation of the sale is, that we will offer your real estate not only for clients from our database, but we will give it also in the offering for other reliable estate agencies with reputation, thus you need not waste the time to contact them. Further, we guarantee free advertising of your real estate in reputable journals specialized in mediation of real estate sale. Last but not least, your real estate will be advertised on Internet, namely on our home page, as well as on other special, highly visited pages. In the case of interesting real estate offerings, there is a possibility to advertise them also on the radio and on TV, free of charge.

Remuneration for the sale mediation – provision to our estate agency – is always determined according to reached price for the real estate, namely three (3) per cent out of the real estate above 35.000 EUR, and five (5) per cent out of the real estate below 35.000 EUR. In the case of the real estate price above 350.000 EUR, the provision is determined individually.


In the case of a real estate rental apply the same business conditions as with a sale, but we do not prefer a closure of exclusive agreement on the real estate rental. Remuneration for the rental mediation – provision to our estate agency – is assessed in the amount of one-month rental cost, which is usually settled by the real estate owner. In specific cases it is possible to assess the provision amount based on convention, namely according to the amount of the rental cost and the term of the rental.



Offering price of a real estate Provision
below 35.000 EUR 5%
above 35.000 EUR 3%
above 350.000 EUR based on convention


Term of a rental Provision
within 2 years one-month rental cost
more than 2 years based on convention